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Bolt Kits

Bolts are used to attach objects or structures to concrete. They are embedded in concrete and extensively used on all types of projects, from standard buildings, dams, nuclear power plants, bridge rails, structural steel columns, light poles, highway sign structures, and many other applications. The bent portion, or “leg”, of the anchor bolt serves to create resistance so that the bolt does not pull out of the concrete foundation when force is applied.

Manufacturing Process

At Bharat Engineering Works (BEW), Custom bolt kits are our specialty! Give us the specification and we’ll cut it, bend it, thread it, weld it, assemble it, you name it! We strive to meet the turn-around times you’re looking for.

Raw material

We use high quality raw materials to manufacture bolt kits and hydraulic manifolds, the raw materials are precisely inspected and undergoes varies physical and chemical test before manufacturing process.

Designs and drawings

At BEW we have a expert team to analyse our clients designs and drawing to manufacture the final bolt kits, your requirements are fulfilled with zero defect.

Manufacturing Technology

We have adapted best and the latest technology and machinery in bolt kits manufacture which in-turns provide high reliable and desired output in short time and low cost .

Final Inspections and Quality Policy

The most important process is the inspection and quality assurance, we test the finished products at extreme conditions so that it works in all conditions without any defects, We guarantee and assure quality of our products .


Bharat Engineering Works provide detailed report of the bolt kits including technical specifications which will be useful for future improvement and development, reports are maintained confidentially and updated, as bolt kits manufacturers we possess responsibility of our clients reports  .

Product Deliver

One of the most critical stages of the process is the final deliver. We ensure that the product reaches the client safely.

Service Brochure

An overview of our services, Design-build, General Contracting to Small Jobs and Service Work